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17th International Conference on Information Security

07/05/2002 - 09/05/2002
Cairo, Egypt
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The Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications at the Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University - is jointly organizing SEC2002 in cooperation with the Technical Committee on Information Security (TC11) of IFIP. This prestigious event addresses various aspects of Information Security, a discipline which is gaining an ever increasing importance in today’s netted society. The topics to be addressed in SEC2002 include :


Threats and Attacks to Information : Passive Attacks - Active Attacks -Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms -  Denial of Service

Information Security Services : Authentication - Access Control – Confidentiality – Integrity - Non-Repudiation - Secret Sharing - Database Security - Operating System Security

Modeling and Analysis for Information Security : Protocols and its Logical Analysis - Performance Analysis - Risk Analysis

Standards of Information Security : AES – IPSec - Common Criteria - BS7799

Infrastructure for Information Security : Public Key Infrastructure - Certification Authority

Education and Curriculum for Information Security : Case Studies -  Accreditation

Legislation for Information Security : Case Studies

Tools for Information Security : Smart Cards – Biometrics -  Watermarking - Intrusion Detection – Scanners - Mobile Agents

Applications of Information Security : E-Commerce - Health Information Systems - Mobile Telephony- E-Banking - E-Voting -Entertainment Industry

Advanced Topics  in Security  : Quantum Cryptography