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1916: Courses in electrical engineering are offered in the School of Engineering (known later as the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University)

 1927: The Mechanical Engineering Department becomes the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

 1932: Establishing the foundations of the current Electrical Engineering Department building (building no. 8).


 1938: The Electrical Engineering Department is separated from the Mechanical Engineering Department.

 1954: The Electrical Engineering Department offers two majors: Power and Communications Engineering in the fourth (senior) year.

 1969: The Electrical Engineering Department is divided into two distinct departments: Electrical Power and Machinery Engineering and Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering. Starting from the third year, electrical engineering students join either the Electrical Power and Machinery Engineering Department or the Electronics and Communications Department, and receive a B.Sc. degree from the chosen department.

 1974: The students join either department from the first year. The Electronics and Electrical Communications Department offers two majors in the fourth year: Communications Engineering and Computer and Control Engineering.

 2006: New credit-hour program is established (Communications and Computer Engineering Program).

2009: The EECE Department is the first department in the Faculty to apply for one of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Projects (QAAP) and receives funding under the Developing Academic Programs for Accreditation Project (DAPAP).