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Accelerator Research

Topic Overview: 

Medical linear accelerator provides cancer treatment using X-ray, the energy of the electron beam is less 20 MeV. We are currently involved in a project to design an X-ray machine up to 4-6 MeV. Given the system complication we are mainly focused on the accelerator system which is a linear accelerator with its auxiliary parts. The project is funded by the Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF) with one million Egyptian pounds.

  • Design of the electron Gun
  • Design of the accelerating cavities
  • Investigating electron beam wave interaction
  • Design of the high power sources
  • A complete design is ready to start a second phase of manufacturing parts of the machine
  •  (2) Research papers to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals
    • Poster presentation titled “Circuit Modeling of Multicavity Klystron with Linear Beam Motion” to be presented on PAC11, Particle Accelerator Conference 11, New York March 28- April 1, 2011.
    • Another paper will be submitted to IEEE-APS 2011.
  • Currently we have 2 M.Sc. students.
  • LE 1,000,000 (already granted from STDF) to cover salaries, software, PC equipments, travel.
  • (1) Ph. D. and (2) M,Sc. Students
  • Equipment: (3 PCs) – Software (2): CST Microwave Studio with a number of packages included and HFSS software.