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A BTS for Rural and Underdeveloped Population Tier (ABRUPT)

A BTS for Rural and Underdeveloped Population Tier (ABRUPT)
Funding Agency: 
Amount of Fund: 
LE 2,506,750
Start date: 
Sat, 01/01/2011
Team Members
Principal Investigator: 
Members From Department: 
Other Members: 
Team Member Title
TBN System Software Consultant
Dr. Khalid Talaat Associate Prof., Electronics & electrical Communications Engineering, Banha High Institute of Technology.
Project duration: 
2011 -13
Submission Date: 
Sun, 11/04/2010
List of Specific Project Objectives: 
• To develop state-of-the-art open source, mobile base station suitable for rural
• To leverage public-private partnerships in developing the rural and deprived communities
• To enable rural citizens to use and benefit from expanding sources of information
• To create new communities whose members have access to all resources and information
they require regardless of location
• To allow all to achieve their full potential and play a part in the country socioeconomic
• To Raise the R&D standards and capabilities of an Egyptian research team working in the
electronics and communications fields.
• To Create the market awareness and address the demand issues of the developed
• To Create a product life cycle for ongoing offerings in the target markets.
Project deliverables: 
• A cost-effective mobile station prototype that complies with the latest international standards and satisfies the local market needs.
• Software Tools that allow configuring and testing the station.
• Strategic Marketing Plan to propose the marketing approach that will be incorporated into the future business plan.
• A number of PhD. and M. Sc. theses. We expect 5 M. Sc. And 2 PhD.
• We expect 6 papers and number of patents related to the technologies involved.
• Well-documented Test setup and performance results.
Other Participating Entitie(s) / Industry Partner(s): 
Organization Name Contact Name Title Role within the project
Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications Mr. Muhammad Henna Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Product Development
List of Procured Facilities: 

The equipment is listed in the following table.

SN. Item Description Qty.
1. Spectrum Analyzer Portable Spectrum Analyzer 1
Reconfigurable baseband-to-RF conversion, with
daughter cards for the GSM band
Rohde & Schwarz BTS
Verification Sets
The R&S CMU200 or CMU300 1
Sagem Network
Engineering Phones
The Sagem OT-series test phones look like ordinary
cell phones but are sold as test equipment. These
devices can be forced to camp on specific ARFCNs
and decode and log L2 and L3 transactions on all
control channels, including CCCH transactions for
co-cell subscribers.
5. GSM Band Duplexer Telsa 1
6. RF Power Amplifier Minicircuits 20 Watt 1
7. LNA Minicircuits LNA 1
8. Panel Antenna Telsa 1
9. Embedded Platform SBC 1
10. Channel Simulator 1
11. Computer Facilities 3