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Computational Electromagnetics

Topic Overview: 

Recent challenges in Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) include modeling of electrically large structures to determine pertinent quantities such as the radar cross-section, scattering parameters … etc. Evolutionary techniques are being proposed for this end. A number of research points will be investigated including hybrid MoM-FDFD, MoM-BoR and FDFD-BoR approaches.

  • Understanding the fundamentals of computational electromagnetics, with emphasis on MoM and FDFD.
  • Simulating different EM scattering and eigenmode problems.
  • Gaining experience in writing good lines of code to accelerate EM simulations.
  • In-the-house code that can be even commercialized over other universities in Egypt
  • 4 Research papers to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals
  • 1 Ph.D. + 2 M.Sc. theses
  • LE 200,000 to cover stipend for MS and Ph.D. students (LE 3000/month for MS student for 1 year and LE 4000/month for PhD student for 2 year – 100% dedication),  registration fees for related conferences, publication fees for published journal papers, travel expenses for conferences attendance.
  • 1 Ph. D. and 2 M,Sc. Students
  • Equipment : Computer – Software: Matlab – Fortran and/or C++