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Content of Elective Courses (1st Semester of Academic year 2015/2016)

Elective Courses


The content for Elective Courses offered for 1st Semester of Academic Year 2015/2016 has been announced. The following courses will be offered:


أسم المحاضر وصف تفصيلي وصف مختصر أسم المقرر الإختياري رقم مسلسل

أ.د. عماد الدين الحسينى

أ. د. هبة الله مراد

Course Specs

The course aim is to introduce the Student to mobile systems by studying the  GSM system  as an example. The course introduces the Lee propagation model. The student will be familiar with the wireless channel characteristics. Problems related to wireless channels as well as cellular systems are introduced:  Fading, ISI, co-channel interference & adjacent channel interference.  The student will study few ways to combat these problems. 

اتصالات المتحركــــات(MOBILE) (كهت 446)


أ.د.محمد سامح سعيد

Course Topics  

Multimedia Devices and Systems 

نظم وأجهزة الوسائط المتعددة (كهت 449)


أ.د. سراج الدين  حبيـــــــب


تصميم النظم الالكترونيــــــة (VLSI) (كهت 441)


أ.د. محسن رشوان

د.عمر احمد نصر

Course Lectures  

تجهيز الاشارات الرقميـــــــة (DSP) (كهت 448)


أ . د . حــــــازم توفيـق


Wireless Comm. Systems (كهـــــت 449)


د. عادل زكى بطــــــــــرس


This course is to provide a thorough understanding of the engineering aspects of the performance of sound in different environments, as well as the different governing equations of this performance. Various sources and transducers are dealt with for a good command of their operation and design. Design of successful sound systems is the main objective of this course.

هندسة الصوتيـــــــــــــــات (ACO)  (كهت 455)


أ.د.محمد حامد نا فع


In this class we will cover basic concepts of Information Theory as the underlying principles of Digital Communications systems and the data they are transmitting. We will cover definitions of basic quantities such as entropy, mutual information and capacity. We will study source coding techniques such as Huffman coding and others. We will also study channel coding techniques such as block and convolutional codes.

نظرية المعلومـــــــــــــــــــــــــات      (كهت 458)


د.محسن محروس


The course introduces the foundations of the latest technology and state-of-the-art in logic design applied in developing modern digital Electronics Design Automation (EDA) tools. The topics presented include Logic Decomposition, Boolean Satisfiability, Boolean Matching, Logic Optimization, Reduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams, and And-Inverter Graphs.

موضوعات متقدمة فى التصميم المنطقى (كهت 448)