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Design and Implementation of 4G Communication Systems

Topic Overview: 

The Center for Wireless Studies (CWS) was established through funding from the Egyptian National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. The center’s main activity is to conduct applied research in the area of wireless communications, increase the local knowledge in the telecommunications sector about the new and coming wireless standards, and raise the awareness regarding wireless technologies by actively following and contributing to the 4G communication standards, namely the LTE and the IEEE802.16m which is the latest WiMAX standard targeting higher mobility and higher data rates than the Mobile WiMAX based on IEEE802.16e standard.  In addition, another funding was granted from STDF to study the joint implementation of both standards using reprogrammable engines.

  • Studying synchronization of LTE and WiMAX systems, including: Acquisition, Frequency offset estimation, Timing recovery, cell identification, Primary synch and secondary synch signal detection.
  • Investigating channel estimation techniques in wireless systems.
  • Studying  MIMO systems, including: Multiuser MIMO and interference cancellation.
  • Determining optimal transmission parameters for multimedia over mesh networks.
  • Designing and implementing the two most important error correction codes, namely:  LDPC and Turbo codes.
  • Investigating optimal transmission in the backhaul network to decrease the multi-cell interference.
  • Application of Cross Layer design for 4G communication systems

In the last 3 years, the outcome of the lab was as follows

  • 25 Research papers already published at prestigious conferences and journals
  • 9 M. Sc. Theses already defended
  • 8 graduates of the lab are currently studying for their Ph.D. in North America
  • 25 Standards contributions submitted to the 3GPP and WiMAX standard bodies

In the next 5 years, the outcome of the lab is expected to be as follows

  • 60 Research papers to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals
  • 25 M. Sc. Theses
  • LE 500K to cover stipend for MS and Ph.D. students, registration fees for related conferences, publication fees for published journal papers, and travel expenses for conferences attendance
  • 25 M.Sc. Students
  • LE 1M to cover equipment and software