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Development of Inexpensive GSM base station Using OpenBTS

Topic Overview: 

Development of an inexpensive GSM base station for rural areas based on the OpenBTS project, which is built around an SDR, with a Linux-based PC platform for base-band processing and an external FPGA-based digital/analog Up/Down converter connected to the PC as a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). The PC runs the OpenBTS open-source project that implements a GSM air interface and maps the GSM traffic and control signals to an open-source Asterisk VoIP switch connecting the calls as a VoIP call to the external world. The open-source project in its current form is not suitable for practical operational environment and we propose to extend its functionality and design to suite rural applications and integration with network operators.

  • Studying dynamic spectrum allocation.
  • Investigating co-channel interference mitigation for GSM.
  • Applying multi-band signal processing
  • Adding operational features
  •  Building the BTS platform for rural GSM.
  • 6 M.Sc. and Ph. D. theses.
  • 6 Research papers to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals.
  • LE 3,000,000 to cover stipends for M.Sc./Ph.D. students, engineering and development costs, development kits and software. 6 M,Sc/Ph. D. Students
  • Equipment: 5 Workstations, Spectrum Analyzer, BTS verification test set – Software tools for development and performance analysis.

NB: A research grant from NTRA has been obtained in December 2010 which will cover the needed budget.