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EECE Department becomes the first academic program in Egypt to get accreditation from NAQAAE

The Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering (EECE) of Cairo University has been recognized in May 2013 as the first academic program in Egyptian Universities to be accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education (NAQAAE).

This unprecedented achievement has been the culmination of efforts undertaken by EECE Staff, Teaching Assistants, Students, Admin, Engineers, and Technicians during the period 2009 till 2013. Three EECE Chairmen have been in charge during this period: Prof. Yehia BAHNAS (August 2005 - July 2009), Prof. Mahmoud EL-HADIDI (August 2009 - July 2012) and Prof. Mohamed RIAD (August 2012 - present). A core team from the EECE Department - headed by Prof. Hebat-Allah MOURAD - with the participation of Prof. Hazem TAWFIK, Prof. Essam HASHISH, Prof. Mohamed ABO-EL-SOUD, Prof. Amin NASSAR, Assoc. Prof. Islam ESHRAH and  Assoc. Professor Mahmoud HAMED - has been instrumental in compiling the documentation and supervising the execution of all activities necessitated by the application for accreditation. Numerous senior and junior EECE Staff have contributed to the tremendous 4 year effort, including: Prof. Sameh SAID, Prof. Mona RIAD, Prof. Nemaat EL-SAYED,  Prof. Hanan KAMAL, Assoc. Prof. Ibrahim QAMAR, Assoc. Prof. Hanna ABD EL-MALEK, Assoc. Prof. Hossam FAHMY, Assoc. Prof. Yasmine FAHMY, Assoc. Prof. Tamer ABOU-EL-FADL, Assist. Prof. Ahmed NADER, Assist. Prof. Mohamed ABO-DINAH, Assist. Prof. Faisla EL-SEDIK, Assist. Prof. Omar NASR, Assist. Prof. Ahmed ZAHRAN,  Assist. Prof. Karim OSAMA and Assist. Prof. Tamer ELBATT. The EECE Teaching Assistants played a fundamental role in data collection and information gathering. The EECE Secretarial Staff worked day and night to prepare files, type letters, make calls, send and receive faxes, and a lot more. The Lab Engineers and Technicians were there ready to update the labs, receive new equipment, and provide logistic and technical support to the students. The students have been the true champions who endured the difficult times of the 25th January 2011 Revolution, and were determined to work, learn, and study and particpate in the collaborative effort to reach the ultimate goal of accrediation.

The Faculty of Engineering Administration - headed by Former Dean Prof. Wael EL-DEGWY and then Current Dean Prof. Sherif MOURAD - has spared no effort and provided every support to enable the EECE Department make this dream come true. The current Vice Deans, namely: Prof. Hanafy EL-ZOHEIRY, Prof. Amr ADLY, and Prof. Aly GABR mobilized all available resources to help in the drive for accreditation. Contributions from numerous individuals in the Faculty of Engineering with experience in accrediation, as well as the encouragement of many Heads of Departments, have made a great impact on the long and tedious efforts. Mention should be made of Prof. Mohamed MEGAHED, Prof. Sahar EL-MARSAFY, and Prof. Hanan El-SIRSY.

The Adminsitartion of Cairo University - under the preseidency of Prof. Hossam KAMEL (August 2008 - July 2013) - has been a strong backer for all efforts undertaken by the EECE Department and the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, the Center for Quality Assurance of Cairo University - under the leadership of Prof. Hany GOHAR and the support of Dr. Said SALLAM - has contributed in many ways to maximize the readiness and preparedness of the the EECE Program to get national accreditation.

The vital role played by the Program for Continuous Improvement and Quality Assurance (PCIQA) in Higher Education (a special program financed by the Ministry of Higher Education to help academic institutes qualify for accrediation) cannot be undermined. The remarkable efforts by Prof. Mostafa RADWAN - former Head of the Program - and the members of the team assigned to the EECE Program (namely, Prof. Ibrahim SHABAAN and Prof. Hanan EL-TOBGY) will always be remebered with appreciation.

Finally, the EECE Program was fortunate to have a delgation from NAQAAE which conducted the evaluation for accreditaion in a very professional manner. It was headed by Prof. Hamdy EL-MIKATI, and included as members, Prof. Mahmoud GAD-ALLAH and Prof. Darwish ABD EL-AZIZ. The delgation made two visits during which they meticulously examined all submitted documenatation, visited Lecture Halls, Labs, and other educational facilities, and made comprehensive interviews with students, alumni, and other stakeholders. The advices and comments provided by the NAQAAE delegation helped the EECE Program to refine and polish its profile, which ultimately led to long sought accreditaion.

The EECE Department believes its efforts would pave the road for other engineering departments in the Faculty of Engineering to follow suit and get "Program" accrediation, and hopes that the Faculty of Engineering would soon qualify for "Institutional" accreditation.


Thu, 02/01/2014