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Low Voltage Low Power CMOS RF Low Noise Amplifier

Thesis Title: 
Low Voltage Low Power CMOS RF Low Noise Amplifier
Mohammed Khalaf Ali Salama
Date of Birth: 
Wed, 13/08/1975
Previous Degrees: 
B.Sc. (ELC) 1998 - Cairo M.Sc. (ELC) 2003 - Cairo
Registration Date: 
Sat, 14/02/2004
Awarding Date: 
Tue, 15/09/2009

Dr. Saad, E. M.
Dr. El-Ghoneimi, M. M. R.
Dr. Soliman, A. M.

Key Words: 

Low-noise amplifier, RF front-end, Global system for mobile
communication (GSM), Global positioning system (GPS),
Wireless local area network (WLAN)


The Low Noise Amplifier is the first block in the receiver chain and is used to
amplify the weak Radio Frequency (RF) signal arriving from the external
antenna, duplexer switch, and band select filter. Since the signal from the
antenna is very weak, the amplifier is required to add small noise yet provide
high gain; hence, the name low noise amplifier. To minimize the various noise
contributions of the amplifier circuits, the noise source needs to be carefully
analyzed and subsequently optimized. As wireless product such as cellular
phones, Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), Global Positioning
Satellite (GPS), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) ….etc became an
everyday part of people’s lives. The need for higher performance at low costs and
low power consumption became even more important in addition to the size of
the wireless device. One of the important blocks in the receiver is the low noise
amplifier. Today the present goal is to reduce the power consumption, which lead
to increase the battery used time and the cost as well; one of the ways to achieve
this is to reduce the supply voltage.