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Network Coding

Topic Overview: 

Networks have become the backbone of life, the failure of a single link or node can cause a loss of huge amount of information, which may lead to a disaster. Therefore network connections are designed to face such failures by using several techniques such like adding external network resources, or serving network resources to be as a backup circuit for the recovering process. Hence, protection of communication networks against such failures is essential for maintaining network reliability and performance. Network coding is aiming to protect operational networks against link and node failures.

  • Studying the concept of network coding.
  • Finding network topologies, practical scenarios, and limits on graphs applicable for NC.
  • Investigating how to use traditional coding schemes to improve network robustness against node and link failures.
  •  One to two Research papers per MS student  to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals
  • One or two  MSc theses
  • Approximately LE3000 to cover the registration or publication fees in International conference per paper in addition to travel expenses. (Average registration fees is $600)
  • Two to three   M,Sc. Students
  • Software simulation tools such as Math lab or similar