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Rate Adaptive OFDMA Communication Systems

Thesis Title: 
Rate Adaptive OFDMA Communication Systems
Mai Mahmoud Mohammed Mahmoud
Date of Birth: 
Sun, 01/07/1984
Previous Degrees: 
B.Sc. (ELC) 2006 - Cairo
Registration Date: 
Sun, 01/10/2006
Awarding Date: 
Tue, 12/05/2009
External Supervisors: 

Dr. El-Ezabi, A. Y.


Dr. Sourour, E. A.
Dr. Nafie, M. H.
Dr. Shalash, A. F.

Key Words: 

Adaptive puncturing, Adaptive modulation and coding,
OFDMA, Mutual information effective SINR mapping (MIESM),
Single-codeword (SCW)


Adapting the transmission parameters in response to the channel variations
provides an improvement in the performance. In this thesis a scheme is proposed
for adaptively changing the code rate within a single frame for coded OFDMA
systems via changing the puncturing rate within a single codeword. Two
interleaving methods are proposed, which provide larger interleaving depth. The
performance of the adaptive puncturing technique is investigated using different
adaptive loading schemes. We also propose a novel loading scheme for the SCW
that provides further goodput improvement.