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Research by EECE M.Sc. student is acknowledged by IBM

Sun, 10/07/2011

Eng. Amr ABDEL-FATTAH has recently defended his M.Sc. thesis entitled:
The thesis is supervised by Dr. Hossam FAHMY and it has produced several new results. The following is excerpt of the errata page ( of the "decnumber" library developed at IBM:
"As of late July 2010 there are known to be errors in this release, in which the final digit of a result might be incorrect (off by one) in rare cases. The error occurs in the calculation of FMA and might also occur in addition in arbitrary-length (decNumber) arithmetic where one of the operands is longer than the result precision selected and overlaps the other operand. Investigations are in progress. A similar problem exists for SquareRoot, when the rounding mode is not the default. Many thanks to Amr Abdel-Fatah for finding these."