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Software and Communications Engineer at Axxcelera Egypt Ltd.

Reference: JOB2075
Location: Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

Software and Communications Engineer
About the Job
Axxcelera Egypt Ltd. is a research and development center in the field of advanced wireless communications. We develop advanced baseband solutions for deployment in products serving the broadband communications market worldwide. We are fully-owned by Axxcelera Inc. which integrates and markets our joint products.
We strive to create a working environment for all our employees that is open, friendly, and exciting. We provide equitable compensation and the opportunity for personal development and growth, which is limited only by your individual ability and desire and corporate opportunity. Our employees are treated as equal to all other team members. Titles reflect only job responsibility, and not importance.
We are looking for highly motivated, ambitious and innovative individuals who have the following qualifications.
Job Location
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Definition and Nature of the Work
Software Engineer to participate in developing DSP solutions for a set of world-class wireless communication systems software and hardware products. The selected candidate will actively participate in several aspects of the product development process. Specifically, these responsibilities include: architecture definition, implementing systems in C/C++ based on simulation in MATLAB, performance analysis, trade-off decisions, porting on DSP platform and successful integration with protocol stack and developing drivers for various peripherals.
Technical Responsibilities
• Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) e.g. RT Linux/Nucleus/ECOS porting to different platform types, RTOS maintenance, managing boot sources e.g. NFS.
• Device driver development, either for barebones or under RTOS.
• Integration of physical layer running on DSPs like FreeScale/TI devices and upper layer code running on different platforms like Intel/ARM/Power Architecture-based processors.
• Managing compilation and Linking of the software defining memory maps and linker scripts.
• MATLAB and C/C++ based model development
• Fixed point architecture definition and simulation of the communication system.
• Detailed performance assessment and optimization
• Software architecture design and interfacing to multiple DSP platform components.
• Documentation
Basic Job Requirements
• B.Sc. in Computer/Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. is a plus.
• Excellent knowledge of RTOS and multi-threaded programming concepts.
• Hands on experience on a major RTOS’s like RT Linux or ECOS.
• Good knowledge of Configuration management concepts and tools like SVN.
• Good knowledge of DSP architecture and optimization techniques
• Good knowledge of MATLAB
• Extensive programming experience using 'C'
• Knowledge of digital communications systems is a plus.
• Excellent English language for speaking and technical writing.
Experience Requirements
Fresh Graduates with experience in embedded systems are welcome to apply. Candidates with relevant previous experience are invited for a higher level of responsibility. Relevant experience includes but not limited to:
• Experience with porting RTOS to different processor types.
• Experience with C/C++ and MATLAB for communication system design.
• Experience using different DSP processors from major vendors like FreeScale and TI.
• Experience with GPPs like ARM and Power Architecture processors, real-time debugging tools, ICE, ‘C’, fixed-point DSP assembly languages, compilers, linkers and Configuration management tools
• Communication systems design experience.
To apply and for more information on the available position please write to