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Software Defined Radio

Topic Overview: 

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is an enabling technology serving wide areas in the wireless industry. SDR devices can be dynamically reconfigured to adapt to the radio environment resulting in better performance and the potential for new advanced services. Almost standard hardware platforms and software packages can be used economically to build diversified wireless devices.

  • Building the capability of designing and implementing wireless devices based on SDR technology.
  • Building our own SDR platform based on open-source software and reconfigurable hardware.
  • Applying the developed skills and technology to serve the Egyptian wireless industry in providing competitive wireless devices.
  •  Hardware and software for an SDR platform.
  • 6 M.Sc. and Ph. D. theses.
  • 6 Research papers to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals.
  • Versatile wireless communication test-bed.
  • LE 1000,000 to cover  stipends for M.Sc./Ph.D. students, development kits and software.
  • 6 M,Sc./Ph. D. Students
  • Equipment: 6 Workstations, RF Signal Generator and Spectrum Analyzer   – Embedded Software Development Tools
  • Lab with prototyping facilities for RF circuits and DSP-/FPGA-based development.
  • 6 engineers for hardware and software development