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Time-Interleaved Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converters

Thesis Title: 
Time-Interleaved Sigma-Delta Analog to Digital Converters
Rasha Ahmad Tharwat Ibrahim
Date of Birth: 
Tue, 23/09/1980
Previous Degrees: 
B.Sc. (ELC) 2002 - Cairo
Registration Date: 
Wed, 01/10/2003
Awarding Date: 
Tue, 10/11/2009

Dr. Saad, E. M.
Dr. Nassar, A. M.
Dr. Shousha, A. M.

Key Words: 

Sigma-delta, Time-interleaved, Broadband


A two-channel time-interleaved second-order Sigma-Delta modulator for
broadband applications is presented. The system is using output prediction
scheme. So the modulator uses a single integrator channel which does not require
additional active elements for the quantizer input generation, since the integrator
outputs are directly used as the input of the quantizers. As a result, the entire
modulator can be implemented using only two op-amps, which is beneficial for
both power consumption and area. The Sigma-Delta modulator achieves a signal
to noise ratio of 70 dB over a 1.1-MHz signal bandwidth with an effective clock
frequency of 132 MHz. And this means an effective resolution of 12 bits. The total
power consumption of the Sigma-Delta modulator is 36mW from a ±1.8V supply.