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Wireless Sensor Networks

Topic Overview: 

Wireless Sensor Networks has come into wide use owing to the rapid achievements in MEMS technologies, wireless communications and digital electronics. They have a wide range of applications including environmental monitoring, security surveillance, military applications and others. Energy considerations as well as data delivery are among the most important design issues of such networks.

  • Review of routing techniques used to maximize the network lifetime while keeping complete network coverage.
  • Study how to improve network throughput by using efficient error control coding and different coding schemes without affecting the lifetime.
  • One to two Research papers per MS student  to be submitted to prestigious conferences and journals
  • One or two  MSc theses
  • Approximately LE3000 to cover the registration or publication fees in International conference per paper in addition to travel expenses. (Average registration fees is $600)
  • Two to three   M,Sc. Students
  • Network  simulation tools such as OPNET or similar