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Frequently Asked Questions - Graduate

Graduate studies start on Saturday 21 September 2013.

According to the new Graduate Curriculum - announced in 2008 - each Ph.D. candidate should set for an Admission Exam and a Comprehensive Exam. Passing the Admission Exam is a pre-requisite for formally becoming a Ph.D. student, and official registration is completed upon passing the exam. Passing the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam is a pre-requisite for submitting the Ph.D. thesis for defense. Both the Ph.D. Admission Exam and the Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam are held twice a year. Their dates are determined on a yearly basis, at the beginning of each academic year. Typically, they take place on January and June of each year.
(Please refer to: for more information on the Exams' contents for latest information on the Exams' date)