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Frequently Asked Questions - Undergraduate

The process for distributing students among the offered elective courses for 4th year proceeds as follows:
1 - Instructors for the elective courses introduce the content of each course during the first week of classes.
2 - An announcement is posted for 4th year students, specifying the website at which students may enter their selections.
3 - Each student is requested to enter up to 5 selections in the website, making sure to order them according to his/her preference.
4 - A sorting software is deployed which takes into account the score of the student in his/her 3rd year, as well as the preferred elective course of each student. If other students with higher scores choose the same elective course, they will be given priority for their selections.
5 - Once the specified number of seats for each elective course is attained, the course is considered closed, and the next preferred selection for the student is considered.
6 - Every effort is made to finish the distribution of the students among the elective courses during the second week, so that classes and other course activities can proceed normally without loosing precious time.

In order to make sure that each student makes the elective course selection, and no tampering occurs, it is required that each student enters his/her National ID to be able to access the Elective Courses Website.

Moreover, each student should print out - directly from the website - the list of selected five courses. Such a list will be referred to in case of any dispute concerning the outcome of assigning students among the elective courses.