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Name Degree Supervisors Thesis Titlesort icon Awarding Date
Shaymaa M. Nabil M. Essawi Master Alaa B. Elrouby A Complete Solution for the Power Delivery System (PDS) Design for High-Speed Digital Systems Tue, 17/03/2009
Ahmed Zakaria Abd ElKhalek Bebars Master A Fast Algorithm for Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation Thu, 28/06/2012
Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Master A Hardware Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks using Field Programmable Analog Arrays Tue, 13/01/2009
Cherine Fathy Saleh Ahmed Doctor Mahmoud El-Hadidi A Novel Adaptive Cross-layer Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Wed, 06/03/2013
Mina Aziz Attalla Sokar Master Khaled F. Elsayed A Resource Allocation Scheme for the IEEE 802.16 Band-AMC Mode with QoS Provisioning Tue, 10/11/2009
Rania Atef Adly Fahmy Master Adaptive Control for Operation of Fusion Reactors Tue, 15/09/2009
Amin Danial Asham Doctor Adaptive Neurofuzzy Identification and Control for A Class of Nonlinear Systems Tue, 17/03/2009
Doaa Amin Mohamed Nassar Doctor Abdel-Haleem M. Shousha An Efficient Reconfigurable Archit ecture for Elliptic Binary Curve Encryption using A Proposed CryptographyAware Logic Synthesis Approach Tue, 15/09/2009
Ibraheem Ali Elsayed Master Amin M. Nassar An Optimum VoIP Design and Playout Techniques Tue, 15/12/2009
Enas S. Sakr Master Analysis and Applications of a Periodically Loaded Transmission Line with Amplitude- and/or Position-Modulated Loads Thu, 26/05/2011